L&D Academy: Social media skills
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L&D Academy: Social media skills

This course is suited to all - an introduction into the benefits of Social Media, how best to interact with social media whether you are a novice or intermediate user of the key social media platforms, this course will give you hints, tips and best practice to take back to your teams and venue.

The course details are as follows:
Date: Friday 5 October 2018
Location: Imago Venues
Time: 09.30 - 17.00

About the trainer: Janet Bebb from Social Progress is a specialist Social Media Trainer voted as one of the UK's Top 50 Business Advisers. Having previously worked for Business Link as a Business Adviser and coming from a strong customer service-based background, Janet definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to business and social media.

Course content: In today’s world social media is a must for any business in order to reach a wider audience and have a bigger voice. If you can encourage your customers to become your advocates you’ll achieve higher growth and increased revenue. But how do you achieve this through social media? This full day workshop will show you how to leverage LinkedIn and Twitter to build an online network referring people to your venue and events.

LinkedIn: This is the most 'professional' social media platform out of the top seven most popular platforms. It serves as an online portfolio where professionals can 'link' in a proficient manor. The tone and style of LinkedIn is very different to platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If you are looking for a job or if you are a business owner, LinkedIn may be a valuable tool to put you ahead of your competition! Do you have an existing profile? Is your profile optimised to its full potential and is your company represented correctly? This workshop is ideal to help you outrun your competitors and help you to make valuable connections.

Twitter: This platform to some can seem like a foreign language, especially with all the hashtags (#) floating about. We often hear the phrase “oh I just don’t get Twitter!” In this workshop we will break through the jargon and make sense of this micro blogging social media platform to help your business connect, inform, raise awareness and much more.

Learning outcomes:
Reaching a wider audience through LinkedIn and Twitter
LinkedIn and Twitter profile impact and optimization, so others can find and engage with you easily
Group, lists and segmenting
Marketing strategy and content creation
How to plan and execute online social media campaigns
How to capture and maintain followers
Measuring your impact

Business Benefits:
Organisations will benefit from a greater return from their marketing campaigns and be reassured they are following best practice and industry guidelines.
Increase media interest and brand awareness, enhance customer support
You will leave with practical knowledge and tools that will allow you to implement or manage LinkedIn and Twitter as part of your digital campaigns
Reach out to new audiences, customers and partners
Facilitate the cultural change to become a business that is proactive in its marketing approach

This learning and development course is in partnership with Paje consulting. The event will be run in conjunction with Venues of Excellence. Places are limited, to secure your space click the orange button and log in.