How to Get Noticed Using Video Email
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How to Get Noticed Using Video Email

Date: 3pm on Wednesday 20th May and 3pm on Thursday 21st May followed by 30-minute call arranged with trainer

Format: Two one hour web classes plus a 30 minute Q&A Zoom call on getting the most out of video in your sales process and 2 weeks free trial of Pistachio View to make and send personalised video email messages


Video is an amazing sales tool and communication method. With video as the next best option to get face-to-face with your customers, it’s the ultimate form of interaction you can have with a prospect. Use your personality, confidence and passion to win you more business. A practical session that will help give you confidence on camera to create effective messages that win you more business.

Target Audience
Sales Managers and Sales Executives, Wedding Planners, Forward-thinking proactive Salespeople, Business Development Managers that;
 Are looking to attract more business using the power of video to build up personal relationships and connect with customers
 Want to do things differently and get their messages noticed
 Feel nervous to get in front of the camera, but is willing to step out of their comfort zone
 Have a phone with a camera (and maybe a webcam)
 Like to try new things

Course Content

Session 1 Web Class 60 minutes
 How video is transforming the sales process and the way people sell
 Why video is a must-have sales tool
 Making your digital impact – getting YOU in front of THEM
 5 reasons you will sell more with video
 Storytelling
 Confidence on camera
 How to make a great looking video
 Getting started and the tools for the job
 How to get started in 3 simple steps – time to take action!

Session 2 Web Class 60 minutes
 Using LinkedIn to send video
 What is video email and how does it work
 6 Easy ways to use video email can be used by hotel and venue salespeople
 Building a trust advantage and why personalisation matters
 How to prospect and sell with personalised video
 To script or not to script?
 How to help and empower your team to use video


 2 week free trial of Pistachio View to make and send personalised video email messages

 30 minute Q&A Zoom call on getting the most out of video in your sales process

Learning Outcomes
 Be able to use video as a sales medium
 Embrace digital communication and future proof your sales process
 Gain the confidence to be on camera

Business Benefits
 Diversify your sales tactics
 Increase email open rates by creating more interesting content
 Connect with prospects sooner
 Craft messages that shorten the sales cycle
Pre-course Work
Make sure you can access your LinkedIn profile on a mobile device and connect. The trainer will connect with each delegate prior to the course.

Our Trainer
Mia Butler believes ‘vanilla’ is not an option. Creator of Pistachio View and Director of Like a Boss Consulting, Mia is an entrepreneur, business consultant, thought leader, facilitator and EventProf. Recognised for her commitment to sales, with 25 years’ experience on the sales frontline, Mia knows how to create a winning edge. Driven, and encouraging sales professionals to ‘show up’ and do more, Mia is creating change with Pistachio View making personalised video a part of everyday sales. Consultant to the industry, Mia is often called upon to help facilitate learning and panel discussions and can be regularly found supporting key industry events.

Course cost: £195 + VAT per delegate. 10% discount to be applied to this rate for Members = £175+VAT Please email to book.

Terms and Conditions
Course fees invoiced in advance directly to delegates and payable within 30 days from the date of invoice or immediately if within 14 days of the course.
Cancellation by an Attendee
 Up to 14 days prior to the course - you can cancel your place on the course and your prepaid fees can be transferred to another course.
 Less than 14 days prior to the course - no refund, no transfer of fees to another course.
Cancellation of a Course
Unfortunately, there are times when it is necessary for us to cancel a course. We may do this up to 14 days in advance of the course if delegate numbers are not sufficient.
If we cancel a course, we can transfer you to another course of your choice or refund you the course fee.

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