Developing your Leadership & Management Skills with Teams working Remotely
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Developing your Leadership & Management Skills with Teams working Remotely


Date: 9.30am-12pm on 2 & 4 June and 9.30am-12pm on 2 & 4 June and coaching session arranged directly with the trainer

Format: Two x 2.5 hour web classes, followed after the course by a 1 hour one to one coaching session Objectives

To support Managers and Team Leaders in how they adjust to the new circumstances of working remotely, how to adapt their leadership style, cope with anxiety in themselves and their teams, build and maintain confidence in how to work in this new way and share techniques which can be employed to be most successful in these challenging times

Target Audience

Any manager is supervisor who has to manage a person or people remotely, either working from home or based in other sites/offices.

Session One – Developing your Leadership Style (2.5 hour Virtual Training Module)
 The Effective Manager
o What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
o What are the most important skills and qualities we need to bring to the forefront in these current times and with the different individuals in our teams?
 Managing Anxiety and Stress
o Understanding this new kind of stress & anxiety
o Identifying stress and anxiety in others and in ourselves
o Coping mechanisms for handling stress and feeling anxious
o Focusing on the positives and what we can feel grateful for
 Planning for and Checking in with your team members
o Tips for meetings and reviews with teams working remotely

Session Two - Performance Management, Giving Feedback and Coaching (2.5 hour Virtual Training)
 Performance Management
o What happens if we ignore performance issues?
o Identifying the performance gaps
o Managing performance issues and giving corrective feedback
 Coaching and Giving Feedback
o Positive communications and getting the best out of everyone
o The GROW coaching model
o Giving positive feedback
 Motivation
o How best can we motivate the individuals in our teams?

Learning Outcomes
Develops confidence in leading virtual teams, working from home and/or in remote locations to the manager, including improved communication skills and better performance management.
Business Benefits
Research carried out by the organisation Great Place to Work confirms that times of crisis can provide some of the most important opportunities to deepen trust and commitment with employees in ways that not only ensure greater well-being for employees, but also position greater business success when the crisis is over.
In times of crisis, it’s essential to not lose sight of your human side or your company’s cultural values. Instead, channel them into positive strategies and actions that will protect your employees’ well-being and improve your workplace culture over the long term.
Pre-course Work
In advance of the training, please consider how effective are you currently in the areas outlined in the content section for each of the two sessions. In advance, prepare at least two specific examples of where you would like to improve your effectiveness as a manager under the new circumstances that you find yourself working in.

Our Trainer
Melanie Cash has over 20 years’ experience in the hotel and hospitality industry, working for international brands including Marriott International and Hilton Hotels. Holding senior positions across sales, marketing and training departments she had the perfect platform from which to launch her own consultancy and training business in 2004. Melanie and her team of associates have successfully delivered a range of training and consultancy services across many independent venues and established brands.

Course cost: £195 + VAT per delegate. 10% discount to be applied to this rate for Members = £175+VAT. Please email to book your place.

Developing your Leadership and Management Skills with teams working remotely - Book your tickets here

Developing your Leadership and Management Skills with teams working remotely - with bespoke coaching session - Book your tickets here

Terms and Conditions
Course fees invoiced in advance directly to delegates and payable within 30 days from date of invoice or immediately if within 14 days of the course.
Cancellation by an Attendee
 Up to 14 days prior to the course - you can cancel your place on the course and your prepaid fees can be transferred to another course.
 Less than 14 days prior to the course - no refund, no transfer of fees to another course.
Cancellation of a Course
Unfortunately, there are times when it is necessary for us to cancel a course. We may do this up to 14 days in advance of the course, if delegate numbers are not sufficient.
If we cancel a course, we can transfer you to another course of your choice or refund you the course fee.
If you have any queries regarding the course, would like to book, or if you wish to discuss our multiple delegate packages, please contact us on 07402 30 85 64 or